LEAD Empowerment


Leadership Empowerment and Development (L.E.A.D!)

Every 3rd Sunday @ 5:30 p.m.

LEAD! Empowerment Sessions are designed to empower leaders in the church through powerful lessons of skills and desired leadership traits of successful leaders. Empowerment sessions highlight to the student, specific characteristics of leadership, taught by master teachers specifically chosen for each topic discussed. The lessons teach self-confidence in the student as they explore and embrace their leadership qualities. Empowerment sessions take place every third Sunday night at 5:30 p.m. (few exceptions) in alternating fashion between the East and West locations. After these sessions, students will feel empowered to take their rightful places of leadership. Some aspects of “Teaching the Jesus Way” will be incorporated into each session.

a. Phase I - Foundations of Spiritual Leadership

(Leadership By Design)

b. Phase II - Developing a Culture of Leadership
(The Servant Leader)

c. Phase III - Transformative Leadership Quantified by Love

(Operating In The Spirit Of Christ)


“Leadership is not about being in charge;

it’s about developing and empowering

others to greatness”


L.E.A.D! Development Sessions are scheduled to allow students to participate in a more intimate and hands-on environment. The activities include completing personality profiles, discovering individual strengths and weaknesses, journaling, note-taking exercises, Myers-Briggs testing, inter-personal goal setting, learning “Jesus-Way” techniques of leadership, and enjoying a spiritual mountain retreat session. After these sessions students will eradicate their weaknesses (or learn to control them), and be sure of their individual strengths, gifts, and talents that they relate to ministry. Development sessions will take place as designated by the director, usually once a quarter for each phase of the program.

Phase I - Emptying Out
Initial Personality Profile and Self-Assessment
Expectations of Program
Journal Writing
Effective Note Taking Techniques and Devices
Goal Setting

Phase II - Teaching The Jesus Way (immersion teaching

Developmental Sessions
Team Building Session
The Organized Leader
Myers Briggs Testiing
Leadership Assessment Survey

Phase III - Transforming The Way We Lead

Transformational Leadership Retreat (Site of Retreat - TBD)
Panel Discussion with Pastor and Co-Pastor
Retreat Topics (TBD)
Team Building Exercises
(High/Low Ropes Course, Faith Walk, etc)


Who can attend?
Anyone who has a desire to go after the heart of God!

2 Timothy 1:7

To Empower and Develop a Church-of-Leaders. To accentuate each members unique ability to LEAD! To produce the residue of empowerment saturated in confidence ultimately Changing A Generation.

There is an overwhelming need to eradicate the hidden barriers that suppress the talents and gifts of GOD's people. Then to illuminate the pathway of Effective Christian Leadership, resurrecting and preserving the power to Change A Generation.

For more information

Elder Yolonda Troupe Smith & Minister Donell Smith

Elder Juanita Sheppard, Overseer
Christian Education Ministries

(404) 284-8865

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